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About MCC

Metropolitan Community Churches was founded in 1967 by Rev. Troy Perry when he began to preach that Gay and Lesbians were not excluded from God’s plan, and that God loves each person the way they are.  Since then MCC and the Gay Community movement has become world wide.  Proclaiming the exciting news of the all embracing love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Trinity MCC of Arlington, Texas is proud to be a part of this movement celebrating our differences in the unity and fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

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We at Trinity MCC realizes that there are many people in our Community who are seeking answers to life’s complex questions.  Gay and Lesbian people have been excluded from religious participation in many traditional churches for many years.  Yet there remains the inner need for spiritual satisfaction and the awareness of God’s love in each persons life.

We believe that God is no respecter of persons and God loves each of us just the way we are.  We are not separated from the presence of God by our sexuality, our past or any thing we may have or have not done.  The Church at Trinity MCC has found the God who made us also loves and cares for each of us as God’s very own.

We believe that there are those who have held on to ideals and theologies of the past out of fear, ignorance and homophobia because it is inconvenient to change.  Let’s face it, some people just want to live with out dated ideals about God.

We believe that God’s grace is given to each of us in the NOW and that God loves us in the situation we find ourselves TODAY.  At Trinity MCC you just might find that the love of God will meet the need that your inner voice has been telling you about.  You may find that there is a lot of misinformation going around about God and your place in the family of God.

We are convinced of the love of God in Jesus Christ.  And knowing this we can face tomorrow with all it’s hopes and possibilities. 

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